Solid State Publishing

Solid State Publishing resources are built by home inspectors, for home inspectors.

A great home inspector is a special kind of person. They are excellent communicators, detailed, and willing to address tough questions on behalf of their clients. Being a great home inspector also requires an encyclopedia worth of knowledge, an understanding of building sciences, and a good instinct for when things are not right. 

Our goal is to provide professional home inspectors with resources that make their job easier, make them look more professional, and are compliant with insurance and local regulations.

Some of our resources include:

  • Simplified 1-Page Contracts
  • Online Client Contract Tools
  • Easy reporting software, templates, and comment libraries
  • Website Content
  • Client Secondary Materials
  • Home Inspector Training

Solid State Publishing is a wholly owned entity of Solid State Inspections Inc. All material is © Solid State Inspections Inc. 2017